Sunday, December 15, 2013

Stop the World - I Want to Get Off!

My first thought for this theme was a very calm and tranquil image based on a Zen garden I had seen in Japan. However, after a quite a stressful day, I thought of the phrase ‘Stop the world, I want to get off!’ and I knew I had the basis for the 'Escape' theme. 
Quite rapidly I formed the idea of using cogs to signify all of the events and happenings in everyday life and the world in general – all of those things that we (try to) normally balance on a day to day basis. The chaos and number of cogs in the piece represents life when it just gets too much and we just want to 'escape'.

I used many different fabrics from hand dyed to commercial cotton, shot silk, Hessian, tulle and cheesecloth to represent the many different aspects, events and happenings in our lives. Some are big and bold; others are less specific and less defined. The cogs start in my head and extend over the piece to the very edges, giving the idea that the world extends past the borders of the piece.

I painted the background with fabric paints and silk screened an image of my own profile onto the background. I then fused fabric and cut out the cogs, laying them in an overlapping fashion. For the cheesecloth cogs, I first painted them with acrylic paint. I stitched around the cogs with straight and blanket stitch before sandwiching the quilt and quilting with mono-filament.

Amanda Sievers

Sunday, December 1, 2013

November. Escape from grayness.

I could not cook up where or from whom to escape for a long time. I broke down my mind… So finally I decided to forget about this theme for a while. 

But time runs so quickly and suddenly I realized that there is only one week remains till reveal day. I haven’t started to sew yet… I even don’t have any idea… I can not postpone this any more!

So, I was sitting in my sewing room with a cup of coffee, the weather behind the window was hateful: rain, cold, everything is totally grey and black… I hate such weather! Such days in our sunny city usually happen in November so I don’t like this month.  

And in my sewing room was warm, a lot of bright patches around and a cup of coffee. WOW! This is an idea! 
“November. Escape from grayness.”
I have an idea and it’s time to sew! And it takes two days to make!

January 2014 Theme..... "Balance"

When I read everyone's weekly updates especially when deadlines are looming, there are some common themes that come out.  Usually they reference that time is running out and that projects are still unfinished. So, this challenge theme will be "Balance", something we all strive for, but is hard to do.

Enjoy, Katie